SET AT FOOTHILLSOF MOUTN INGINO, IS ONE OF THE MOST ANCIENT UMBRIAN MEDIEVAL CITY. The ancient origins of the city are testified by the seven bronze tablets known as the Iguvine Tablets.

The heart of the town is the medieval piazza Grande, a panoramic terrace with the 13 th century palazzo dei Consoli, seat of the Civic Museum, and Palazzo Pretorio.

Do not miss the Basilica di Sant’Ubaldo, almost at the top of Mount Ingino, which can be reached either on foot with a panoramic yet steep walk or by chairlift. The famous Ceri di Gubbio are kept here.

On your way down, pass by the famous Bargello fountain where, after going round it three times and being “baptised” with its water, you will receive the symbolic “Patente di matto di Gubbio” (a sort of honorary citizenship).

Gubbio is not only art and history, but unspoinled nature too, with Monte Cucco Park and The Bottaccione Gorge, a deep incision with vertical walls between Mount Ingino and Mount Foce, also known as Mount Calvo.

It is an important natural scientific site and is also rich in historical-artistic evidence.